Support Post Bariatric Clients, Minimize Complications


With all the focus on the number on the scale, culture of food fear and lack of long term support, clients and professionals feel stuck.

I used to think I saw a skewed population, catching the outliars who were not doing well. With all the glowing reports of “success” after these procedures, those secretive struggles are seldom discussed publicly.

What REALLY is the definition of success?

Many of the reports claim weight loss surgery is a success if a person loses a specific amount of weight for a certain time period.    Yes, along with weight loss AND a complete change in eating habits, exercise, medical care comes additional benefits.  Yet, there are additional changes that are not so openly discussed.

Clients report being glad they had operations, even though they:

– still feel uncomfortable in their body

– struggle with “motivation”

– experience complications

Clients struggle with:

– vague & mixed messages from providers

– nutrition deficiencies

– conflicting food desires and needs

– what to eat after the initial weight loss

The struggle is REAL, typically two years post op and further is when the challenges become noticeable enough to seek support.

Most support groups and professionals focus on pre-surgery or the first 1 – 2 years post op.

Little resources are available to address commonly described challenges.

I want you to feel confident talking to providers and clients when addressing:

– Untangling food fears

– Source of complications

– Distorted thinking patterns

– Resources for SUCCESS

Eloquently breaking down the confusion for clients & professionals that builds trust in your skills as a professional who understands the struggles of post bariatric surgery individuals

Course Resources include:

– Interviews with clients & professionals addressing challenges and strategies for success

– Audios/Videos modeling approaches for challenging client discussions

– Case studies that develop your confidence in discussing difficult topics with courage and empathy

– Worksheets, Tips for Success, Exploration activities

– Handouts you can use with clients and providers.

Feel confident in your skills and ability to help clients connect behaviors to challenges they experience.





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