Find out if you are at risk for Emotional Eating. Take this quiz and find out if you are an emotional eater.

Kathryn helps individuals separate their emotions from the food. She teaches them how to have a healthy relationship with the food so that disordered eating can be avoided. She encourages clients to focus on positive ways to deal with life challenges so that food does not become the solution to the obstacles. Kathryn is able to motivate individuals to lead a balanced life where food and exercise can be achieved in moderation.

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Disclaimer: This quiz is not meant as a replacement for seeking professional health advice. If you have questions on your answers, please contact your physician or a Registered Dietitian for further help.

What time of day do you usually experience food cravings?
I eat mainly because I am:
How much time do you take to eat you meals?
What is your dieting history?
I daily think about food and my weight what percent of the time?