01AboutCaught Sneaking Ice Cream

Around seven years old my mom caught me sneaking ice cream from the freezer. She didn’t get mad, instead, she asked me what I was doing; I was embarrassed. She explained that I didn’t need to sneak food, I could just ask.

What I didn’t realize until years later was I thought food was my friend, I used it to make myself feel better. Like many kids, I felt out of place and wanted a friend. Food helped me cope in those early years but also meant I was overweight and was carrying around food baggage.

My Own Emotional Eating

When I was younger, I used ice cream and chocolate to fill a void. Then, as a young adult I faced the hard truth that food can never fill a void.

I discovered that most of the struggle with eating and food has little to do with food. It has much more to do with your thinking around food, weight and your body.

Thankfully I have worked through my eating issues and now have embraced my body and my emotions, and celebrate the learning opportunities they brought me that I can now share with my clients.

I now work daily with clients that are struggling with their thoughts about weight, their body, how they look, fitting in, and their feelings of loss of control. They have tried numerous diets, pills, surgery, binging on food, starvation, cleansing, and willpower. However, none worked and none will work in the long run unless they face the food baggage they carry and learn how to let it go.

I know how easy it is to revert to food for coping and blame weak moments on lack of will power. I am fanatical now in helping clinicians kick these mistaken messages clients report and dig down to uncover their food and emotional gems.

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Get to the Answer

If you want to stop feeling guilty about a loss of control around food, and be strong and healthy now and in 10, 20 and 30 years, you need to take time now to get to the bottom of your food baggage and any deep seeded emotional pain and trauma.

I have worked with hundreds of clients that shared that they thought nothing would work to heal their failures with food and thought they needed a better diet plan.

I am able to show them that there is another way that it isn’t about willpower. Instead, it is about understanding their emotional baggage and moving forward.

When I speak at physician and allied health professional conferences I get raving feedback on how I hit the bullseye on what they are seeing in their own practices.

Physicians want to help their patients get off the weight and get healthy but don’t know where to start, they know a quick-fix won’t bring lasting results. They are at a loss of where to steer their patients.

I am famous for not giving up, for pushing through to find a solution. I have done things in my own life others said could not be done. I learned to fly a plane and became a pilot, I swam over 1200 laps at our neighborhood pool (to raise money for a good cause) and was the youngest to hold the record.

I now am focused on and have devoted my life to helping people with emotional issues surrounding food, helping them heal and eat without guilt, to live out their life strong and healthy.

Speaking to Spread the Good News

I love to talk to professionals who work with clients to help them to better understand that it is not about the food. I’m able to help my audience connect with the plethora of emotions that are subconsciously experienced by individuals when eating and/or the “hidden” reasons behind food choices. Helping my audiences, professional or public, helps everyone to draw connections and better understand the ways to make behavior changes successful. I am all about helping people live my motto “There’s always room for ice cream and chocolate!”

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The Three Little Pigs

Remember the three little pigs story from growing up? Until you take the time to properly lay the bricks down for strategies for success, break your misconceptions about food and weight, and break free from your food baggage, you will not be able to withstand everything that life throws at you.

Without this solid foundation, your house is really made of straw, and it will fall apart when a strong wind comes along. A person cannot have a strong and healthy relationship with food until they have taken the time to uncover their emotional gems with food and setup strategies for success like knowing your triggers, knowing your reasons for selecting food treats and why you enjoy your foods so much.

Let me help you build your house out of bricks and not straw. I would love to help you move past your food issues, feel strong and have a healthy relationship with food and your body. Contact me with any questions or fill out the New Patient Form.

Professional Biography

Kathryn Fink Martinez MS, RDN, LD, CEDRD-S

I received my undergrad training in medical nutrition therapy at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and my masters at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. I am a certified eating disorder registered dietitian (CEDRD) and supervisor, a certified intuitive eating counselor and a certified specialist in weight management.

As a supervisor of dietitians and educator of medical and mental health professionals, I help to develop understanding, expertise and a realistic excellence and practice in working with eating disorders and the emotional aspects of eating. I am able to transfer my years of experience in the emotional aspects of eating, helping not only professionals but also clients and groups find connections in their mental health and physical nutrition health.

I have been treasurer and chair for the Nutrition Entrepreneur practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was the President of the DFW International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) and am on the board of directors for the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians and the Public Relations Director for Behavioral Health Nutrition Practice Group.

I am the Senior Dietitian for a mental health facility, and a Nutrition Professor and love to share with all I come in contact with the message of balance and how you too can apply my realistic my motto “There’s always room for ice cream and chocolate!”

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