Learn how to address food and emotions with your clients

A unique background that bridges bariatric surgery and eating disorders.  You’ve got both here!

Professional that understands the food and emotional eating connection.

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Post-bariatric disordered eating expert

You’re Not Alone. I’m Here to Help!

 Your clients report they have no post-bariatric problems, but you know the food issues are connected.

I gotcha, challenging, yet doable solutions! 

You want someone who can help you bridge the fields of eating disorders, mental health, and “weight management.” 

  • Discover the secrets of how to help your clients uncover why they resort to food for comfort.
  • Develop insight into how childhood and historical food history contributes to adulthood struggles. 

Gain insight from my years of experience.

I want you to feel confident in bridging and resolving the complex, emotional eating struggles your clients’ experience.  

Confidence in your skills with clients

Confidence in addressing:

    • Food fears
    • “Out-of-control” eating 
    • Problems keeping food down
    • Difficult clinician conversations

Kathryn is a true leader & mentor in the behavioral health and nutrition field. She imparts experience, wisdom, and common sense that is encouraging, confidence  building, and inspiring for RD’s entering behavioral health nutrition.”
—Angela, CEDRD candidate/supervisee