Post Bariatric Surgery Support for Clinicians

Minimize Complications

After the weight loss, protein shakes, and surgeon follow-ups, some struggles continue.  You want your clients to be successful but aren’t sure how the surgery has changed their eating.

Your clients are gaining weight and struggling to find their new normal.

Food fear and lack of long-term support are common. You are just as frustrated as your clients are with the process. 

Discover problems common to post-bariatric surgery

Your clients will praise you for listening, understanding, and providing a solution to their symptoms.

Many clients only see their PCP for follow-up, perhaps a specialist if a condition arises.  Few practitioners understand the complex changes and unique needs of the post-bariatric surgery population.

Your clients report:

    • confusing messages from providers
    • food intolerances and not knowing what to eat
    • confusion about what to eat
    • feeling out of control around food
    • complications limiting food selections

Feel confident in your skills helping clients connect food challenges

Bariatric Roadmap Coming

Course resources include:
    • Interviews with clients & professionals addressing challenges and strategies for success
    • Audios/Videos modeling approaches for challenging client discussions
    • Case studies that develop your confidence in discussing difficult topics with courage and empathy
    • Worksheets, Tips for Success, Exploration activities
    • Handouts you can use with clients and providers

Courses in development with a specific focus for professionals working with post-bariatric clients

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You and I both know there is more to the struggle.  Learn how to unpack the root of the challenges

Rope in a knot

You and I both know there is more to the struggle.  Learn how to unpack the root of the challenges

Solutions for common post-bariatric problems

I can help you get there by connecting the:

  • physiological and psychological
  • experts to resolve challenges quickly
  • resources

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