Kathryn_BookHeal Your Relationship with Your Body and Food

Have you ever felt that you wanted to cook, yet the process alone was overwhelming? Or better yet, do you think cooking or eating your own cooked meals consists of too many steps or is too complicated? Well think again!

In this book, I will guide you to nutritious and simple eating, with recipes that are fast and help with your satiety and leave you feeling energized. Cooking confidence can increase your nutritious food selections and save you money, therefore, definitely something you should look into.

I will explore preparing foods simply using multiple different methods, which may not even be “cooking” using traditional methods. There are tips that help give you ideas on being creative with spices.

The great flavors and encouraging tips in the recipes will motivate even the least skilled cook to feel confident in cooking for themselves and maybe even expand to cooking for others.

Recipes will range from sweet potatoes to smoothies and even salmon that are convenient and delicious.

Additional areas in the book include:

  • Emotional eating
  • Essential items needed in kitchen

Recipes include step by step instructions, with no guessing on what should go next. You will not have to jump up to look at the ingredient list and then down to the instructions, it is all conveniently mapped out for you.

Healing itself is a process, and in this book, we try and use simple and straightforward ways to heal the body with food, while trying to use wholesome ingredients and combine foods to restore the body in the state that it is meant to be – healthy and efficient.

Coming soon!

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