My results are nearly un-believable. My approach different.


Good News! You don’t have to be tied to measuring your weight or food. By dissecting your history, beliefs, values and goals, together we develop a realistic approach to achieving a normalized eating approach and take you to the happy, healthy and radiant person you are designed to be.

You could be spending time focused on the WRONG things. It isn’t helping to be thinking about your food and weight nearly all of your day. Instead, focus on your internal regulation mechanism that can be fine-tuned and developed.

The key to true success is to work on making changes from the inside out.

Client life changes:

  • Conquer negative thoughts about eating
  • Thinking differently about food and weight
  • Cravings understood
  • Lots more energy
  • Eating favorite foods without guilt

Gain a healthy relationship with food and your body.

I specialize in emotional eating – going deep into what is really holding you back from a long term healthy relationship with food and your body. Most my clients have been on numerous diets. They are experts in diets like the South Beach Diet, The Zone Diet, Weight Watchers, Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet and more. They are ready for something different, something that changes their relationship with food, their body and weight.

I also see clients that are struggling with disordered eating. This includes binging, purging and anorexia. For success, I often work with other health professionals, using a team approach. I have several medical professionals and professional treatment centers I work with throughout the nation.

Specialties include: disordered eating, bariatric (post-surgery), eating disorders, and emotional connections to food.

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HappyClientsHeader“Kathryn, when I first met with you, I had hit rock bottom and I was done with the negative self-talk and the nutrition perfectionism. I knew that my eating habits were a symptom of something deeper going on inside me. I yearned to be that person that could live with cookies and cake inside the house, but not feel threatened by them or guilt-ridden to have them even remotely close to me.
I am now at a place where I feel confident, strong, resilient, beautiful, mindful, and positive. I don’t let the scale dictate my mood. I buy anything that I want at the grocery store and have no feelings of guilt. When I bring that food home, I don’t worry about it constantly or fear that I am going to overeat it. This intuitive eating journey has been an amazing experience for me and I thank you so much for guiding me through it!” Thank you a thousand times,
—Nutrition Professional


“I came to Kathryn when I was at the point of making a decision between getting gastric bypass or some form of surgery to help me lose the weight I needed to so I wouldn’t die too young. I am part of a “fat” family with a family history full of things like diabetes, heart disease, and high BP. I am an ex college and pro football player that rapidly became out of shape after I was finished playing. I love to eat and I really enjoy food and I always thought that that was my problem. I had become emotionally attached to food and I associated eating with any kind of emotion – happy, sad, depressed – whatever I felt I ate.
I have made the most amazing improvements to my life that I have ever seen. I no longer see food as my enemy and I rarely eat because of emotions. I have learned to “feel” how hungry I am and to eat until I am satisfied. The most amazing thing is I have kept this weight off, no more roller-coastering through “diets” and no more feelings of failure or depression. I look forward to my future now instead of dreading it, thanks for everything Kathryn, you have made this once pipe dream of mine come true.”


“I am so excited with my new life! I came to Kathryn when I felt like I was losing my battle with weight. I had totally given up.
Kathryn was ideal for me. I wasn’t looking to be an Olympian or turn into a vegan. I enjoyed eating and wasn’t ready to give up ‘the cherry on top’. I have learned subtle things that changed my eating, drinking and attitude in LIFE. It is truly incredible how her tips and hints have affected and effected my mind and body.
I’ve lost 15 pounds, increased my resting metabolic rate, resized my wedding ring from a 6.5 to a 5, can get up off the couch without a struggle, and best of all, my blood pressure has improved. I did all this without feeling deprived or starved. Kathryn’s teachings are a part of my life now… And I never gave up chocolate!”

I would love to help you move past your food issues, feel strong and have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Invest in yourself. The cost of one nice business suit could lead you feeling better every day, not just the days you wear the suit. For what a nice suit would cost, you could make a difference in the rest of your life. 

Aren’t you tired of spending endless dollars on gimmicks, magic pills and memberships to programs that don’t produce desired results?

How will I pay? When medical nutrition therapy is prescribed by a physician, you may be able to get reimbursement or apply health savings dollars. You pay us directly. Prices start as low as $85.

*Customized packages can be created to meet your unique needs. | Prices Start at $85.

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