Hello, I’m Kathryn Fink Martinez

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Kathryn Fink Martinez

My expertise is helping with emotional eating and long-term post-bariatric success.

Find a realistic food and exercise approach and remove the uncertainty, overwhelm, and fear about what to eat.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, and Nutrition Faculty member for the Dallas College Culinary, Pastry, and Hospitality Department. I have 23-plus years of experience working with students and patients who want to learn about (or even experience themselves) nutrition struggles, eating disorders, and emotional eating challenges, as well as patients who are post-bariatric procedures, I can tailor classes, and programs to get the results you need. 

My unique blend of  experience working in the culinary, mental health, and fitness fields blend perfectly with my nutrition approach expertise to offer transformations that reach the “Wow, everything is clicking moment!”  

My motto reflects my balanced approach to enjoying food.

“There’s Always Room for Ice Cream and Chocolate!”