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When Snow Hits Texas!

What to do with all of this snow?

After getting home from driving in all that traffic and slippery roads here is Dallas, I wanted to make sure to have a little bit of fun and unwind.

My daughter and I had a ball when we:

  • Made Snow Angels in the Snow (alright, she made snow angels)
  • Had Snowball fights (well, not really snow “balls” but we did throw a lot of snow)
  • Made a snow man or two (OK, she gave up and went inside and I finished the snow “couple”

And..........How about eat it?!

While she was inside drinking hot chocolate by the fire, I was gathering fresh snow for the evening snack.

Snow ice cream

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

1 cup of milk
1 tsp. vanilla
2 T. sugar
4 cups of snow (maybe more depending on how fluffy you like it or quickly you make it)

  1. Mix 1st 3 ingredients above together
  2. Gather snow and mix the 4 cups fresh snow by adding into basic mixture.
  3. Stir until the mix becomes consistency of ice cream.

To add some flavor, pull items out of the refrigerator and mix in (today we added 3 more flavors to the vanilla recipe: chocolate, caramel and strawberry)

How are you enjoying the snow?

Kathryn Fink Martinez

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