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Happy New Year!

Welcome to my new blog and launch of the website.

I hope all of you have had a joyous New Year’s celebration! Now we all have a clean slate, right? With my approach to life, knowledge, eating, and fun, you should never have to start off with a clean slate. There is no penance to pay, dieting, or starting fresh. Learning to live a balanced life inside and out is a process that takes practice. There is no definite “wrong” or “right” way to do any of this.

Your experience, whether is one you enjoy or felt a little less comfortable with is a learning opportunity. So try to be gentle to yourself, learn what went well or didn’t go so well with any perceived challenge. Use that experience to “practice” change and improved growth.

As we all begin this New Year, try to celebrate opportunities for growth, and focus your attention on practicing improved balance!

Kathryn Fink Martinez

Conquer food fear and overwhelm! My passion is helping guide people who are embarrassed about their struggle with food and teaching them simple habit changes that lead to a life with more energy, happiness, and the freedom to eat the foods they truly enjoy. Find a realistic food and exercise approach and remove the uncertainty about what to eat. Get started with some of the free resources on my Confidence in Eating website, especially the Bariatric Success Guide., Emotional Eating Quiz, and Binge Eating Quiz resources. I offer telehealth nutrition programs so you can live your life knowing how to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

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