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I’m Good Enough for Mistakes!

Time gets away from us, doesn’t it?   I’ll admit it, I have this old message that runs in my head “I’m not good enough” and “I have to do XYZ well so I won’t be seen as an impostor. “ Those messages caused me to be too wrapped up in the details and not accomplishing tasks I wanted to complete.  Well, we are all on the same journey of life with not enough time to do what we want.

24 hours is all we ever have in a day

Honestly, I was not posting and doing all I wanted to do because I got stuck in making things good enough and taking too much time perfecting and trying to do things just right. I now describe myself as a recovering perfectionist and you may see a few mistakes, oh well!  Self compassion has helped me discover a key message we should all hear.

Your inner dialogue is holding you back!

Would you take to a friend and say the same things you say to yourself as you would a friend?  Most people would not, unless you have already been on this compassionate journey. 

Labeling food, bodies, individuals or groups is derogatory and does not help!

 Let’s just say we all have unique variations, conditions, experiences and individualization is key, I can’t compare myself to another dietitian, woman, mom, or professional and you should not either.

Now, you will see more of me, the real me, with less perfect posts, so I have time for important aspects of my life.  Family, education of professionals on post bariatric complications, intuitive eating and eating disorders. 

Check my new logo below and watch as I transform my website, bringing new resources for clients and professionals. What messages hold you back from growth?

New Confidence in Eating

Kathryn Fink Martinez

Conquer food fear and overwhelm! My passion is helping guide people who are embarrassed about their struggle with food and teaching them simple habit changes that lead to a life with more energy, happiness, and the freedom to eat the foods they truly enjoy. Find a realistic food and exercise approach and remove the uncertainty about what to eat. Get started with some of the free resources on my Confidence in Eating website, especially the Bariatric Success Guide., Emotional Eating Quiz, and Binge Eating Quiz resources. I offer telehealth nutrition programs so you can live your life knowing how to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

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  1. Rebecca Krause

    Thank you for this post. I love it and so true! Hope all’s well!

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