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Positive Messaging for Self-Care

Words you use talking to yourself can be hurtful.  Consider using uplifting words and action verbs to help shift the messages you put out into the universe, as these words hold so much power.

We have such harsh words. Words we would NEVER say to anyone else. 

Imagine how much nicer your life be if you changed those words to positive ones?  Do you even realize how many negative messages you expose yourself to?

Beauty of being nature watching a whale

Recently I was on a fabulous professional retreat in which my cell phone did not receive a signal.  I was far removed from modern technology. 

The first couple of nights, out of habit, I came into my room and looked to turn on the television (that was not there.)  I kept glancing at my phone for a signal or trying to check emails.  

After I got over the initial anxiety, of no phone signal, emails, television, and no news reaching me, I really enjoyed the freedom of not being tethered to technology.

Jarred from Tranquility

Every now and then a cell signal reached my phone and a message would pop on my screen.  These were “breaking messages” that quite frankly, took me out of my peaceful moment. Gut-wrenching, “news breaking” tragedies that I could do nothing about at the time. 

Personal Discoveries

A few realizations came to me last week that I am confessing and changing in my life.

  • I watched too much news.  Talk about negative being in your face all the time!
  • I was too tethered to my phone.  Needing to connect to a phone, to see messages, and “what is happening” took me away from those in front of me and nurturing activities I enjoy. 
  • Being more present allows time for:
    • developing meaningful relationships
    • reading
    • writing
    • soul-filling activities

I have done great work personally and with clients on flipping the negative messages often internalized and repeated about food, weight, and bodies.  I speak professionally about the language professionals use and why careful, positive, and meaningful wording is important and key for change.  

I knew for my clients that blame and shame were not motivators.  I had not been ready to see how the news and my phone impacted my life and emotional state.

Mindful Observation

Taking time to walk in nature, barefoot in the grass, and appreciate all the beauty around me provided evolution moments.  Unplugging allowed for uplifting thoughts and appreciation that filled my heart with a new perspective.

We can go around thinking about the “weeds,” the negative messages that creep into our minds, by our inner critic, news feeds, or those focused on doom and gloom or we can choose a different path.

I choose to look at the positive, soul-filling opportunities to nurture, such as the morning I walked barefoot in the grass and collected beautiful flowers into a bouquet.

Self-care is important and impacts multiple areas in our lives: 

  • relationships
  • joyful movement 
  • mindful nurturing
  • fueling our body, mind, and soul
Bouquet of flowers

Self-care practices for internal regulations

    • Remove the alerts to “see” news by taking the notifications off my screen on my phone.
    • Stop watching the news. I used to tell myself I needed to see it to see the weather (hey, they have apps for that now.)
    • Limit my phone time.
    • Observe my inner critic self-talk and re-frame.   Dr. Anita Johnson gave me a nice re-frame message that can flip the fear messages “And that’s a story that doesn’t need to happen.”

Positive affirmations

    • Progress, not perfection is my goal.
    • Perfection only exists in God.
    • Fill your cup, so you have something left to give others.

What are some of your self-care activities or positive messages?

Kathryn Fink Martinez

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