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Weight loss surgery is a tool.

You can’t turn on the TV or drive down the highway without noticing Start Living Your Life advertisements. Professionals tell me how frustrated they are. Their clients want to lose the weight they regained yet still struggle with the diet mentality. You might be confused with clients focusing on protein, protein, protein and condemning carbohydrates. Clients often report feeling out of control around food and fear they will put the weight back on.

Knowing how to investigate getting to the root challenges is key. Issues like an insatiable hunger or food coming back up are all too common. Helping clients understand their challenges are NOT about lack of will power leads to success. I’ve been there and found an approach that directs clients by uncovering the real problems.

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Hint, the problem is not food or their body.

I love working with professionals and sharing my expertise to help cut through the BS. Sharing how I have uncovered food concerns clients don’t even know they have motivates my professional work. My classes, individual coaching and talks create an understanding that pokes holes in the argument that food comes up due to a normal post-surgery consequence. Sign up for a free handout you can use with your clients to help dissect common challenges:


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