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Winning formula for a smoothie bowl recipe

Power-packed smoothie bowl recipe almost as good as ice cream

Try this fun formula to satisfy an easy meal If you’re a smoothie lover, you have to try these smoothie bowl recipes at home! They are so yummy (and way more affordable than store-bought!)

Try out this no-fail formula for a fast smoothie bowl recipe:

 Liquid base:

Choose one (or a combination) of milk, milk alternative, or coconut water.

Adding some yogurt, either conventional or plant-based, can add some tartness

 Frozen fruit of your choice:

Ensure that the fruit of your choice is frozen to get that thick consistency. Using an ice-cold smoothie bowl helps to keep the consistency. 

Since you are using frozen fruit,  you can stay away from using ice (which tends to water it down).

We love frozen acai pulp, mangos, blueberries, strawberries, and frozen avocado for added creaminess.


 Pump up the nutrition with add-ins like seeds, nuts, greens, protein powder, or chia seeds.

Toppings for added wow to your smoothie bowl recipe

Top your smoothie in a bowl with something crunchy. A few favorites include a bit of fresh fruit, sliced almonds, granola, or a drizzle of your favorite nut butter.

Just like that, you have a nutritionally balanced – ✔️ protein ✔️ fiber ✔️ fat – and fun snack or mini-meal! This smoothie bowl will keep your bellies satisfied and your body energized until that next meal or snack.

Do you find yourself struggling to make meals and snacks that will fuel your body throughout the day? There can be a lot of roadblocks hindering that from happening, and they are not always food-related.

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You can easily add the ingredients to your nutrition routine or start using a meal plan. For more ideas on creating a realistic meal approach that helps you with nutrition see:

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