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OK with Imperfection

Can you “let go” for the sake of self-care?

Are you OK with leaving items on your “to do” list?

Do you notice more aches and pains?

Does it really matter?

If you never voluntarily take a break, life will force a break on you!  I am learning to be OK with imperfection. This release of high standards has been freeing, and the world didn’t stop because of it!

Could your body be aching because you are not nurturing it? What are your key messages popping up ? Letting go of those “to do” items is a way to spend quality time with those you love the most.

Learn to be OK

I understand the balance quest and encourage you to continue taking care of yourself and build your community with supportive resources to help you along the way.

My focus moving forward is:

  • eCourse training resources to help support you
  • build a community of support for each of us on the journey to feeding our souls (have you liked my Facebook business page?)
  • be more present as a mom, wife and friend

Feed your body, mind and soul, these are the key strategies that are energy generators and help to live your dreams! Let me know what warms your heart and your focus moving forward.

Kathryn Fink Martinez

Conquer food fear and overwhelm! My passion is helping guide people who are embarrassed about their struggle with food and teaching them simple habit changes that lead to a life with more energy, happiness, and the freedom to eat the foods they truly enjoy. Find a realistic food and exercise approach and remove the uncertainty about what to eat. Get started with some of the free resources on my Confidence in Eating website, especially the Bariatric Success Guide., Emotional Eating Quiz, and Binge Eating Quiz resources. I offer telehealth nutrition programs so you can live your life knowing how to nourish your body, mind, and soul.